Wedding Band Profiles

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Choosing The Right Ring Shape

It is very important in choosing the right shape for your finger as you will be wearing it daily for rest of your life. There is no specific ring shape that is ideal for finger shape and size however one design may look better than another it is up to you and how comfortable you feel in each design. If you already have an engagement ring select a ring that compliments the engagement ring and fits comfortably against each other. Our team with knowledge and experience is on hand in helping you select the ring that is best suited to you and your comfort. Contact us

There Are Many Different Shapes Of Band However The Main Ones Are

Lightweight Court

A classic choice, the lightweight court design is eternally stylish and romantic. Its rounded shape means it sits comfortably on the finger and the flowing curves create a look of luxury and elegance.

Lighter Court

Also known as low profile. In a typical light weight court profile wedding ring, this style has a depth of 1.3mm making this the thinnest option. A slim wedding ring can have two main advantages. Platinum wedding rings in this style will be lighter and much more affordable. Secondly, being thinner and lighter on the finger, the wearer will find the ring less noticeable with a more comfortable feel when fingers are closed.

Medium Court

A medium weight court profile wedding ring is probably the most popular. The thickness (also referred to as depth, gauge or wall) will typically be 1.7mm. Medium profile rings offer a nice balance of weight without being too light or too heavy, and slimmer widths are most popular for matching to standard engagement ring bands. 

Heavier Court

Proving popular for men’s Palladium wedding rings especially, heavyweight wedding rings are ideal for large fingers in greater widths. They offer a chunky feel with a depth typically 2.1mm or more (based on the court profile again.) The heavyweight wedding ring designs are also popular where diamonds are being added to a ring, because they offer a setting depth that will accommodate smaller diamond sizes.

Low Domed Court

Explaining the Low Dome Wedding Ring The low dome wedding ring is an alternative name to the D-shaped wedding ring style sold by most jewellers. The domed appearance features in many plain wedding ring styles giving a softly rounded appearance to the ring. 

Lightweight Low Domed Court

A court ring with a subtle domed outer profile for a softer look Available in widths from 2mm to 10mm.

Oval Court

The oval court shaped wedding ring is rounded on both the inside and outside providing exceptional comfort with no hard edges.

Lightweight Court Flat

Light weight edged flat court profile wedding ring. Contemporary flat look with a deeper side wall for more options when stone setting or diamond cutting. Comfortable court fit against the finger. 2.5mm wide, 1.3mm deep.

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